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Experience seamless problem resolution that delights our visitors and ensures your business attracts more satisfied customers than ever before.

Our CryptoINK customer support AI allows you to easily train it using various file formats, website URLs, and custom descriptions, and you can tailor its performance with your own Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

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Unlock CryptoINK AI: Your Guiding Light in Customer Support!

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Fortify Your Security with CryptoINK AI Support!

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Expand Your Reach with CryptoINK AI: Acquire More Clients!

Unlock the Joy of Training Your AI Customer Support Bot with Your Resources, No Coding Needed.

Empower Your Customer Support with CryptoINK AI ChatBot Quickly deploy your own advanced ChatBot AI, powered by our generative AI Large Language Model framework, with no coding required, using your own resources.

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Automatic Calendar Booking


Stand Alone AI

Independent CryptoINK AI No reliance on third-party providers such as OpenAI, Google Bard, or Bing AI.



Tailor AI Customer Support to Your Clients and Visitors by Training with Your URLs.


Right answers in a flash

Much faster than comparable solutions, replies immediately, and hosts human-like conversations.


Resolve up to 80% of customer questions with AI

Automate answering repetitive questions and improve the user experience.

Ability to ask for email during a chatbot conversation. You could either set it so that when the user says a certain keyword or a phrase close to that keyword. Or that chatbot would ask for the email after there has been a conversation for 3-5 minutes.

You can now create A.I. chatbots that will collect, store and send lead data from users prior to a conversation AND from within a chat conversation.

So for example you can create a standard lead form to collect user’s data prior to the conversation starting.


You can train your bot to ask the user certain questions and as the user answers the questions, their responses will be extracted from within the conversation and be added into a data spreadsheet which you can automatically export and send to any other CRM or platform.

AI Tech Stats



Over 76% of executives are looking for AI innovations.


Action Plans

Over 63% are looking for Action Plans to integrate AI .


Big Projects

According to a 2023 survey by Gartner, 76% of big projects are already using AI.


Great Tests

In a 2023 Gartner survey, 50% of major AI projects have successfully conducted Great AI Tests, highlighting the growing recognition and investment in this area by businesses.

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CryptoINK AI Customer Support

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