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Crypto International Keeper - CIK

CryptoINK is a multipurpose business platform with usage for the crypto and non crypto users. “CIK” came with one mission to give security and approve for keeping crypto finance usable and creating an even bigger usage for crypto users, and we also will provide learn actions for non crypto users. Crypto is our future, we already started our platform with some features on 14th of November 2022.

Freelancers are welcome to join our 0% commission platform , from free to paid memberships. 

Economic Plan
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CIK Token Staking
CryptoINK – CIK Tokenomics
A total supply of 800 000 000 CIK is distributed as follow:
200 000 000 CIK are Locked until 29 JAN 23 9PM UTC, after unlock the amount of CIK will be sent to our Staking Contract for the Rewards.
What means that you will have 12% APY in CIK token rewarded, Staking limit is set to 30 Days claiming rewards and unstake on the 31st Day. 
Second Staking Dapp will be created for our partner MAFIACATCOIN , with 4% APY where we will provide the amount of 100 000 000 CIK tokens as reward.
Emergency withdrawls are possible but with an 20% Penalty fee.
The 20% of Penalty fee will be sent to the Staking Contract owner , where we going to Burn 60% of it and 40% will be sent to our Marketing & Development wallet.
20 000 000 CIK is on our Giveaway wallet safe for our upcoming givaways through the time.
The 100 000 000 CIK tokens will be locked for 8 Months as reserve for for listing on exchanges , Partner Investments , Staking pools or Burn events. After 8 Months if until them nothing of these is announced we will extend the lock for another related period.
Buy & Sell Tax is set to 10%                                                        where the reward fee of 2% will be distributed to CIK Holders on every transaction in “FCF” – FrenchConnectionFinance Token. Liquidity Fee is automated and set to 3%, and our Buyback & Burn fee of 1% is also set to do the buyback and burn automated.
Marketing & Development fees are set together in a fee of 4% .

CryptoInternationalKeeper - CIK

Our native token launch is  soon, follow our Socials and join our community before launch on 31st January 2023
Join Telegram :  https://t.me/Cryptoink_Official_Group

“CryptoINK LLC is not responsible for any losses or damages that may result from the trading of the CIK token. The value, market cap, and volume of the CIK token may fluctuate, and we cannot guarantee any predictions or protections against volatility. 

Trading in cryptocurrencies is a high risk investment, and it is the responsibility of the individual trader to carefully consider and understand 

the risks before making any decisions. By trading the CIK token, 

you acknowledge and agree that you are doing so at your own risk and that you have read and understand our cautionary statement.”

Our Partners

Nep-Phil limited
FCF Payment Gateway

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We have created a lot of use cases on our platform where you are able to pay with crypto.
You will be able to stake CIK token on our staking platform with 12% APY
30 days limit for unstake and claim reward.
More Info read in the Economic plan of CIK token.


Everyone can be part of this great project, even non crypto users will have the chance to learn & earn. 

CryptoINK for everyone.

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What else can CryptoINK do for you ?

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